Kantara Consulting​

Kantara Consulting’s differentiator is its expertise, focus and passion for the Australian life science industry. ​We specialise in bridging the communication barriers between the science, business, academic and political worlds. Our mission is to drive the vibrancy and success of Australia’s life sciences ecosystem. ​

We help biotech companies accelerate their growth through leveraging government incentives and support programs as well as through increasing their profile and their influence with government bodies. We also advocate for the industry through input in policy discussions directly with state and the Australian Federal Government.

Dr Megan O’Connor


Kantara Consulting is founded by Dr Megan O’Connor PhD MBA who is a passionate advocate for the Australian Biotech Industry and founded Kantara Consulting to support Australia’s biotech sector with top-tier consulting services. Before starting Kantara Consulting, Megan was the National Leader for Life Sciences at Deloitte’s Global Investment and Innovation Incentives Team. Megan has worked in both the Australian biotech industry and academia, gaining a PhD in Neurobiology from Lund University, Sweden.